Jeff Victor wrote:
Ihsan Zaghmouth wrote:

What are the type of the Zones ?
It would be interesting to try this with a Whole-root Zone, definitely not a Sparse.

   1. Fully Backup the 01/06 Whole-Root and then update the GZ with 06/06.
   2. You can't keep any zones for now during updates (Zulu initiative
      working on this ), so you have to unconfigure/delete them

You *can* keep zones if you use standard upgrade.  You cannot keep zones if you use Live Upgrade.
Definitely, missed the differentiation. Thanks for pointing it out

   3. After update, Restore the 01/06 Whole-Root and check it out ...
   4. Check it out and hope for the best ..

Sun would not support this.
I agree 100%. This was a hypothesis/thought of desperation/adventure, which realisticaly Sun does not support .
What would be the reason to stay behind on 01/06 if 06/06 comes with the best of 01/06 and more !


Peter Wilk wrote:


IHAC that is asking the following..( solaris 5.10)

if the global zone is at 01/06 and there are 2 non root zones at 01/06

if the global zone is updated to 06/06 can the user update only 1 zone
to 06/06 and leave the other zone at 01/06..

if so is there any issues that I need to communicate


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