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I'm working with a customer and discussing supportability of configurations.

Second, I'm told that Symantec NetBackup sometimes uses the /devices
tree directly
rather than the links specified in the /dev tree.

       NetBackup uses the Veritas SG devices (/dev/sg with links to
devices under /devices) for direct SCSI access to various devices
(tape drives and libraries mainly, but there may be others). The SG
devices are configured via the /kernel/drv/sg.conf file. That file is
created by the /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/driver/sg.install script after
template files are built using the /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/sg.build
script. NBU does not discover new devices on the fly and the SG device
driver must be rebuilt after any additions of new devices. The
sg.install script mentioned earlier uses the files generated by
sg.build to update the SG drive configuration and then unloads and
reload the SG kernel module.

       I expect that while you can probably get NBU to work, the
maintainability of it will be poor at best in a non-global zone. Also,
at this point Veritas/Symantec is not supporting the use of a
non-global zone for either Master or Media server fucntionality
(although I expect that a Master ONLY server would work fine, as it
doesn't really use the direct hardware devices, but that is not a
common configuration).

Paul Kraus
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