I'm working with a customer and discussing supportability of configurations.

This is mainly around Symantec/Veritas products such as VxVM devices and
also NetBackup and its use of devices.  It appears that the way Veritas
creates devices is to manually create the devices at startup if they
don't exist already rather than to use the devfsadm and path_to_inst mappings.
That is the root cause of why you can't simply export a veritas device to
a zone as there's no device mapping specified in /etc/path_to_inst.

We were able to look at the devices Veritas created for the raw
devices, get the major/minor device numbers, and create the special
file in the <zonepath>/dev directory (not the <zonepath>/root/dev directory). This seems to work fine, however the "supportability" of this is in question.
Does Sun support such a configuration?  I understand that tools coming such
as clone, migrate, etc. won't work with this, but if you just create the
zone, then create the device special files and use the zone, is it in
a supported configuration?

Second, I'm told that Symantec NetBackup sometimes uses the /devices tree directly rather than the links specified in the /dev tree. If that is the case, is it supported (by Sun) to export a portion of the /devices tree via "add fs" or "inherit-pkg-dir"? Then you could just create the link in the <zonepath>/dev tree into the /devices tree.

One last question is whether Symantec's creating special files in the /dev tree on the fly after a reconfiguration reboot (or any reboot where the files don't exist anymore)
is supported by Sun, or is this only supported by Symantec's folks?



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