Peter Wilk wrote:

IHAC that is asking the following:

if the zones are going to mount data directories can quota be set on the
data directories.
if so what options are it just ZFS or can UFS be used

Though there isn't a special feature for zones and directory quotas, you can still use filesystem quotas, potentially one fs per zone. This may require more filesystems than you might want, but ZFS will remove the pain of managing many fs's.

If they aren't ready for ZFS, SVM soft-partitions can be used (or similar functionality from other vm's) but then there's that pain... ;-)

if customer creates a series of zones ie zone 1 -50  and zone 1 needs
more space, will the zone get more space dynamically or is it fixed..

As with the earlier question, this is a feature (or lack thereof) of the filesystem, not zones.

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