Hi James,
It fails regardless of having a dataset in the zone or even using a ZFS filesystem from another pool entirely. I did some further digging and I think the problem is with lupi_zones attempting to verify the block device before mounting the filesystem:

# truss -f -v all -o /tmp/output zoneadm -z ender install
1693: execve("/etc/lib/lu/plugins/lupi_zones", 0x08046720, 0x0810C950) argc = 2
1693:   access("data/ender/local", R_OK)                Err#2 ENOENT


James Carlson wrote:
Adrian Saul writes:

add fs
set dir=/usr/perl5
set special=ipg/ender/perl
set type=zfs
add dataset
set name=ipg/ender

I think you need to pick one or the other -- either delegate the
dataset to the zone (and use the zfs commands within the zone to set
up how you want to mount it), or mount individual legacy file systems
into the zone.

Doing both means that the dataset is placed into the non-global zone,
and then the system tries to access the dataset from the global zone,
which (I think) causes the failure.

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