A simple question about Solaris 10 zones.  Once a zone has been
configured and built, and is running Solaris 10, how do you make changes
to the zone, such as inherit a new directory from the global zone or to
add a new lun to a zone that has already been built and in production?

To modify an *existing* zone configuration, use

# zonecfg -z <zone_name>

Once you're in the interactive, you can then modify or add resource

Let me know if this helps.

   Thanks for the reply.  After I make configuration changes withing zonecfg, how do you 'make' the changes to the running local zone?  For example, let's say I want to inherit a new directory into an existing local zone.  Once I go into zonecfg and 'add' the directory I wanted inherited, how do I make the local zone now see this new 'iherited' directory?  Another example would be how do I add a new disk to a local zone.  Once I go into zonecfg and 'add' the device, how do I now get the local zone to see it?
     How do you 'inherit' new directories in zones that have already been built?  Can you send the syntax of the commands needed to accomplish this?
 I'm really looking for how to add an 'inherit-pkg' to an existing zone.  Can this be done?

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