>    Thanks for the reply.  After I make configuration changes withing 
> zonecfg, how do you 'make' the changes to the running local zone?  For 

You can either reboot the zone or use ordinary administrative commands
to do it.  For example, "mount -F lofs -o ro /some/dir /zone/root/some/dir".

> directory?  Another example would be how do I add a new disk to a local 
> zone.  Once I go into zonecfg and 'add' the device, how do I now get the 
> local zone to see it?

Are you importing the device itself or doing "add fs?"  If it's the
former, then reboot the zone.  If it's the latter, then just mount in
the file system.

>      How do you 'inherit' new directories in zones that have already 
> been built?  Can you send the syntax of the commands needed to 
> accomplish this?

You can't do that.

>  I'm really looking for how to add an 'inherit-pkg' to an existing 
> zone.  Can this be done?

No.  The packaging database is built around knowing the inherit
package directories at the time the zone is installed.

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