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We have installed S10 on a V490 with an IP address of (on
board ce0). We have installed a Quad-GigaSwift card as well (ce4,5,6,7).
We would like to install a zone using ce4. When we create the zone it
creates ce4:1 with the same IP as ce4 (you can guess the outcome). We
don't want to use an IP for ce4 and a second IP for ce4:1 for every zone
we create, any work around?

We setup a Netra-T1 for DNS (both internal and external) we decided to
use a non-global zone for each and provide network isolation. The
global-zone is _not_ to be reachable from the external network. hme0
is the internal interface and has a valid address. The internal DNS
zerver zone has hme0:1 hme1 is the external interface with the
external DNS server zone using hme1:1

I originally setup hme1 with an adderss of and a netmask of which seemed to work fine. A Sun engineer reviewed the
configuration and recommended using a real address on hme1 but leave
the interface DOWN. This has been working fine as well. The concern
using the address was that while it might work now, the
behavior wasn't really well defined and it might break in the future.

So I guess the answer I am giving is that we tried a work around for
giving the physical interface a real IP address and were told it was a
bad idea :-)

Paul Kraus
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