I am having a little difficulty understanding (solving) a problem I have with 
several zones using different "virtual" network interfaces.

The issue is as follows:

I create several zones using a physical network inteface (ce1) that isn't 
actually physically connected. The zones use class C 192.168 addresses, where 
the zones are in different class C subnets


I plumbed and configured virtual ce1 interfaces in the GZ with

ifconfig ce1:1 inet
ifconfig ce1:2 inet

I don't want the zones to be able to talk amongst themselves, but still be able 
to access the outside world. For the sake of simple web browsing I setup squid 
in the GZ and configure mozilla to use 192.168.x.254:8080 in the NGZ. 

In case I do want to access another class C subnet, how do I setup the default 
routes? Lets say I do want to connect from a NGZ zone in the 192.168.1.x 
network to a 192.168.2.x network?

No dice, because these IPs are non routable? Can I setup ipf on the GZ to do 
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