I've found a small bug in the ZFS & Zones integration in Sol10 06/06 release.

This evening I started tweaking my configuration to make it consistent (I like 
orthogonal naming standards) and hit upon this situation:

- Setup a ZFS clone as /zfspool/bluenile/cloneapps; this is a clone of my 
global zones' /apps filesystem.
- Updated my zone configuration for bluenile to use the 
- Booted my zone and I couldn't see the just provisioned ZFS filesystem!!!!

Upon a hunch I recreated the ZFS clone but this time I named it as 
/zfspool/bluenile/capps to reduce the overall length and updated my Zone 
config. Upon boot I was able to see the ZFS filesystem!

I'm not sure if this is a ZFS, Zones, or ZFS/Zones integration problem. It is 
not a show stopper but in the spirit of ZFS being 'unlimited' in all dimensions 
why are we limiting the length of the clone name?
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