If you are using Solaris Express, you may be able to use "zoneadm ... clone ..." to achieve this goal.

If not, you can add a line to your zone-creation script which copies the GZ's /etc/pam.conf file to $zonepath/root/etc/pam.conf .

Brian Kolaci wrote:

I had an issue in the past with patches when a zone couldn't boot
to have the patches install properly.  The zonepath got blown away.
I then destroyed the zones and retried the patching, which appeared
to work.

Now whenever I create zones the /etc/pam.conf file is missing
several entries, including the "login" and many others.  In order
to be able to "zlogin" into the zone I need to manually update
the /etc/pam.conf of each local zone from the global zone.

How do I fix my installation so that zone creation works properly
and I get the proper /etc/pam.conf generated?

Is there any way to validate the global zone to see what packages
may be corrupt or have bad metadata?

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