OK.  My issue seems to be unrelated to Al's.  From the plimit output, I found 
that there are 2 types of processes on this system with nofiles set to 1024:  
Veritas Netbackup daemons, and ...... sendmail.  Now sendmail's something I can 
work with.  So I hack together a little D, and restart sendmail.  Sure enough 
there's a setrlimit to 1024 called, but sendmail is stripped so there's no love 
on the stack trace.  Since, we've got the source though, I can search for 
setrlimit, and .... 


lim.rlim_cur = lim.rlim_max = FD_SETSIZE;
        (void) setrlimit(RLIMIT_NOFILE, &lim);

and FD_SETSIZE from select.h is:

#ifndef  FD_SETSIZE
#ifdef _LP64
#define  FD_SETSIZE  65536
#define  FD_SETSIZE  1024
#endif   /* _LP64 */
#elif FD_SETSIZE > 1024 && !defined(_LP64)

Mystery solved for sendmail, but for Netbackup, I'll have to be running my 
Dtrace script the next time we restart it, and then send that output to 

Thanks for the tip.
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