Christine Tran wrote:
The zones.cpu-shares rctl has a set of threshhold actions: none, deny and signal=. Say if I set the action as signal=TERM, who actually gets signaled? Is it the process in the zone that's currently queuing to get on CPU, or is it zoneadmd (which presumably will pass it back?)

I've always used (priv=priviledge,limit=n,action=none), that enforces the limit for me. What's the difference in behavior between "none" and "deny"?

zonecfg won't allow you to set rctl priv to anything other than 'privileged'
and rctl action to anything other than 'none' or 'deny'.  This is one
of the things we are making simpler with the new zones/rm project and
its rctl aliases.  'action=none' is the only thing that makes sense for
cpu-shares since cpu-shares don't really have an action.  This rctl
just tells the FSS what portion to assign to this zone.

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