Christine Tran wrote:
The zones.cpu-shares rctl has a set of threshhold actions: none, deny and signal=. Say if I set the action as signal=TERM, who actually gets signaled? Is it the process in the zone that's currently queuing to get on CPU, or is it zoneadmd (which presumably will pass it back?)

Nobody gets signaled, as 'signal' (and 'deny' for that matter) are not valid actions for zone.cpu-shares. This is because cpu-shares is not a limit that can be exceeded in the sense that for instance project.max-filedescriptor can be exceeded. Once a zone is at it's maximum allowed cpu share, it won't get scheduled so it can't exceed the limit.

If you want to know what actions are possible for a rctl, see the rctladm(1M) output:

# rctladm zone.cpu-shares
zone.cpu-shares syslog=n/a [ no-basic no-deny no-signal no-syslog count ]

'no-deny' tells you that 'deny' is not a valid action for this rctl. Ditto for 'no-signal' and 'no-syslog'.


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