There is no default objective. Each pset will have at least the minimum
number of CPUs, but may have more. No pset, other than the default
pset, can have more CPUs than pset.max. The number of CPUs allocated to a set
will not change unless someone intervenes manually (e.g. by transferring a
CPU between sets) or a resource optimisation objective is set and dynamic
pools are enabled.

If you want more details about libpool's allocation strategy take a look at:

In particular the comment at line 902 for the pset_allocate_imp() function
should be enlightening.


On Mon, Oct 23, 2006 at 07:55:43AM -0700, Greg Tillman wrote:
> Sorry, i'm fairly new to zones, trying to figure out what is probably pretty 
> simple.  If i set up pools for each zone with associated processor sets, each 
> with a pset.min and pset.max, but don't set a dynamic pool objective, is 
> there a default objective?  or do the zones run with the minimum specified 
> number of cpu's and never change?
>  Thanks
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