Hi folks, I'd like to try an experiment.  As you may know, projects
destined to integrate into OpenSolaris which cause interface or
architectural change must be run through the ARC (architectural
review committee) process.  To learn more about ARC, see

We're about to submit an ARC case for some memory RM stuff.  Recently,
our policy has been to circulate copies of the cases to this list.  We
do this because as a team, we're committed to a transparent and open
development process.  Now, we're going to take things one step further,
and I'd like to add zones-discuss@opensolaris.org directly to the CC
list for the case.

What you'll see is a thread which starts with the case being submitted
by me.  Then there may (or may not) be some discussion back and forth
between the project team and various ARC members.  You may also chime
in; please try to stay on topic and be specific.  Also be aware that the
ARC process may seem a little arcane, but fear not, the core dev team
has been through this many times.

As I said, this is an experiment.  It may be that for future cases,
we'll invent [EMAIL PROTECTED] or some such list
for interested parties (since I don't want to swamp zones-discuss).
Let us know if this is worthwhile.

Thanks for your patience during this experiment...


Daniel Price - Solaris Kernel Engineering - [EMAIL PROTECTED] - blogs.sun.com/dp
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