Hi there..

I am new to Zones and Solaris Cluster (as in the Sun Cluster software) and I 
have searched this site and BigAdmin with no luck;

[b]Is it (technically and/or easily) possible to install the Sun Cluster inside 
3 zones residing on the same physical server (w/ 3 GB RAM)?[/b]

We are trying to test out the configuration of a Sun Cluster (with shared 
strage and maybe a couple of agents for now) but want to utilise as little 
hardware as possible.

(This does not have to perform fast and obvisously won't really be Highly 
Available since we use the same hardware, but can it be done?)

Thanks a lot in advance... I hope more people than me can use the answer.

Kind regards,

NB: I suppose in general, how different is a Zone for the application compared 
to real hardware? Would the Cluster application even notice?
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