Brian Warkentine writes:
> I see that printing of the zone uuid has been added to zoneadm recently 
> (around the end of june this year, according to the online source).  Is 
> there any binary that will print uuid for older releases? 


This was added for the Zulu (Zones Live Upgrade) project, so there
will be a Solaris 10 update in the near future that has this.  (Is
that what you're asking about?  I'm not sure what "older releases"
refers to here.)

> I've looked around, it's in the zone_t structure, but that looks like 
> its not accessible in userland.

UUID is in the zoneent structure, which is entirely in user space.
The kernel's zone_t structure (in <sys/zone.h>) doesn't have the UUID,
and the kernel neither knows nor cares about Zone UUIDs.

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