Jeff Victor writes:
> Brian Warkentine wrote:
> > I see that printing of the zone uuid has been added to zoneadm recently 
> > (around the end of june this year, according to the online source).  Is 
> > there any binary that will print uuid for older releases? 
> Why?  That ID is only intended for internal consumption.

Actually, we're now exposing it via "zoneadm list -p" intentionally,
because there are customers who apparently want to use it as some sort
of "asset tag."

I'm not sure _why_ it's useful this way, but I'm reliably informed
that there are people who care, and it was easy enough to provide.

Anyway, the semantics are simple and don't involve kernel state: when
the zone is installed ("zoneadm install"), the zone gets a new UUID.
The UUID remains stable over renames, moves, and LU BE copies.  It is
destroyed if the zone is uninstalled.

This way, we can tell when a zone in two BEs is the same zone but just
under a different name (thus still needing synchronization), and when
someone destroys and re-creates a zone under the same name (thus not
needing synchronization).

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