What is the behaviour of Solaris intended to be when someone
makes these changes (or attempts to make them) on a system
that has no swap space?

Furthermore, why shouldn't I be able to say a zone has no swap
space available to it - i.e. to force it to all run from RAM?

From the context, I would say that swap in this definition is the
definition of "virtual swap" given in "System Administration Guide:
Devices and File Systems" (and no where else as far as I can tell):

   The Solaris OS uses the concept of virtual swap space, a
   layer between anonymous memory pages and the physical
   storage (or disk-backed swap space) that actually back these
   pages.  A system's virtual swap space is equal to the sum of
   all its physical (disk-backed) swap space plus a portion of
   the currently available physical memory.

I've seen confusion on this among many sysadmins and had a short while
ago brought it up without PSARC-EXT on the reply list.


Mike Gerdts
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