> >Good question.  These are essentially "virtual system 
> >requirements".
> > 
> >
> What is the behaviour of Solaris intended to be when someone
> makes these changes (or attempts to make them) on a system
> that has no swap space?

All systems have reservable swap space.  Systems with no swap
devices use physical memory to back swap reservations.

> Furthermore, why shouldn't I be able to say a zone has no swap
> space available to it - i.e. to force it to all run from RAM?

Solaris's vm system has no such concept.  All anonymous allocations
reserve swap.  I think you suggesting a zone "switch" so that an admin
can choose from one of:

        A. reserve swap from disk only
        B. reserve swap from memory only
        C. reserve swap from disk, then memory
        D. reserve swap from memory, then disk.

Currently, system behavior is C for everyone.  zone.max-swap simply
limits swap reservation.  It does not provide an interface for choosing
a swap allocation policy.  These concepts are orthogonal.  I can see
a "swap sets" feature addressing allocation policy, since "swap sets"
could be used to associate a given zone with a particular set of swap


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