Detlef Drewanz wrote:
Thanks Jerry,
that makes very much sense to do that in this way. But we should keep in mind that checking a filesystem during zonesboot might be required (esspecially after a crash or a cluster switch).

With "add device" the raw device is in the zone available to do the fsck.
With "add fs" the zoneadm command would be required to do the fsck during the zonesboot, which do not happens today.

With this in mind it would make more sense to use "add device" if we expect fsck or fs crashes (or should I open an RFE ?).

For now you'll have to use 'add device' if you want to run an fsck
when the zone boots.  If the fs was added read-only then you could just
use the fs resource and have a small service that did a single fsck from
the global zone.  I think an RFE for us to fsck file-systems that
are added to the zone read-write, and that can be fsck-ed, would also be

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