Menno Lageman wrote:
Menno Lageman wrote:

doing a dry-run attach of a detached zone fails with the message "zoneadm: missing or invalid brand" and exit code 1. Attaching the zone for real succeeds though. I would expect the dry-run to succeed too because the zone was created on this system so everything (packages, patches, network interface etc. are the same). This is on build 52.

Ok, I figured this one out. According to the spec for dry-run (

The syntax for dry-run attaching a zone will be:

        # zoneadm attach -n path_to_manifest

This leads to the 'zoneadm: missing or invalid brand' error message.

However, according to the man page it should in fact be:
'zoneadm -z aap attach -n path_to_manifest

This works ok. I'll file a bug for the fact that 'zoneadm attach' isn't flagged as a usage error but issues a bogus error message.


No, this is not correct. The dry-run spec in the arc case has
the correct definition.

The man page is in error and the way you were using it is
correct.  This got broken with the brandz putback.

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