FYI, for those who have been following the improved
zones/rm project described here:

We are close to wrapping this up and integrating into
nevada.  We had one small change in the proposal so I
have attached the ARC fast-track for the change in case
anyone is interested.  This should also be visible as:

by tomorrow.

Let me know if there are any questions or comments.




        This fast-track makes a small change to the Improved Zones/Resource
        Management[1] ARC case.  That case proposed adding a new '-R' option
        to rcapadm(1M) which would cause it to refresh the in-kernel max-rss
        settings for all of the running zones.

        After looking at this further, we realized this is not consistent
        with the existing CLIs for updating resource management settings for
        running zones.  The existing CLIs all use a zone parameter to update
        the setting for a single zone.

        Instead of the -R option, we will add a '-z' and '-m' option to
        rcapadm(1M) which will specify the name of a running zone and a
        new max-rss setting for that zone.  We will not be delivering a '-R'
        option on rcapadm.

        For example:

        # rcapadm -z my-zone -m 50m

        The -m option value will accept a scaling factor in the same way that
        zonecfg does for the max-rss value.

        Patch binding is requested for this new interface.


        New rcapadm -z & -m options             Committed


1. PSARC 2006/496 Improved Zones/RM Integration
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