Dave Bevans writes:
> I have a customer who has a couple of zones issues. His first problem is 
> that he's trying to delete a zone and he gets an error (/see zonecfg 
> errors below/).
> -bash-3.00# zonecfg -z NS2.i2c.com delete -F
> Zone NS2.i2c.com not in configured state; delete not allowed.

The error explains the problem -- the zone isn't in "configured"
state.  You can't delete it if there's still an installed zone there;
you must remove the installed zone first.

> His second problem is when he tries to rename a zone he 
> gets a usage error. I'm having him try using another shell (/bin/sh), 
> but I didn't know if there was anything I was missing.
> zonecfg:monitoring-inc> set zonename=monitoring
> usage:
> set <property-name>=<property-value>

You need to have bits that have the zone renaming feature in order to
make this work.  The release you're using doesn't have that feature.

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