Thanks, Mike. I don't have any code to try this out with, and even if I did, 
not miss some cases.

To the general audience: What is the expected result? What privilege(s) prevents a named pipe from working?


Ellis, Mike wrote On 12/11/06 08:25,:
I tried this about a year ago, thinking I was being clever...

Didn't work :-(
Let me know if you have a different experience.

 -- MikeE

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I have no reason to believe the following will not work, but I would
like to confirm....

If a file system is shared between two zones (via lofs), can named pipes
be used to communicated between the two zones?

If the filesystem is mounted read/write in one and read-only in the
other, will this communication be limited to sending informaton from the first to the second?

Based on what I know of the security model, nothing in zones should
prevent this.

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