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Jay Sisodiya wrote On 12/14/06 15:59,:

I have 2 interfaces ce0 and ce2 in an ipmp group. When configuring zones, I am specifying ce0 and physical,

add net
set address=
set physical=ce0

What happens when ce0 goes down ? Understood for running zone the i/p will failover to ce2 BUT if zone needs rebooting, do I now have to change physical to ce2 (ce0 is still down) ? If there any workaround ?

I haven't tried this myself, but since the system knows that ce0 and ce2 are in the IPMP group, everything will be done for your zones so that the IP address is plumbed on an available interface in that IPMP group. Don't try to configure your zone(s) with networks on more than one interface in the group!

It should be complete transparent to your zone(s) what the state of the underlying IPMP group is as long as one interface is still available. You might see the physical interface change (e.g. ce0:3 one time and ce2:7 another), but your application should be insensitive to that. If it is, it would be considered an application design error, unless you are doing something that needs intimate knowlege of the interface, in which case it should not be running in a non-global zone right now.

If it doesn't work like this for you, collect the configuration data and test sequence, and let us know. I am currently trying to test the vNIC stuff, but could switch over to IPMP briefly.


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