> > What happens when ce0 goes down ? Understood for running zone the i/p 
 > > will failover to ce2 BUT if zone needs rebooting, do I now have to 
 > > change physical to ce2 (ce0 is still down) ? If there any workaround ?
 > I haven't tried this myself, but since the system knows that ce0 and
 > ce2 are in the IPMP group, everything will be done for your zones so
 > that the IP address is plumbed on an available interface in that IPMP
 > group. Don't try to configure your zone(s) with networks on more than
 > one interface in the group!
 > It should be complete transparent to your zone(s) what the state of the
 > underlying IPMP group is as long as one interface is still
 > available. You might see the physical interface change (e.g. ce0:3 one
 > time and ce2:7 another), but your application should be insensitive to
 > that.

The above is correct.  BTW, after the Clearview IPMP Rearchitecture is
done, addresses no longer move, and this sort of madness goes away.  Early
access bits to play with that do this are not too far off.

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