I saw it on Sun's website.  It was a link from the
download page for 11/06.  

Either I misread the document or they've changed
something.  I could have sworn it said that any zones
will NOT be upgraded.  

Oh well, I guess I should have asked in here before
lowing away all my zones :-(

--- Jeff Victor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Chris Greenman wrote:
> >>From my understanding, the only way is to perform
> a
> > system upgrade (regular or live upgrade).  Also
> you
> > WILL NOT be able to upgrade any zones.  You best
> bet
> > for that is to save all your application data and
> zone
> > configs and rebuild the zones after upgrading the
> > global zone.  
> Hi Chris, I'm not sure where you heard that.  You
> can upgrade a zoned system 
> with Standard Upgrade.  It upgrades the zones.  But
> please see 
> for some 
> important details.

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