> > Should these functions be dealing with "link names" rather than
 > > "interfaces" to avoid confusion with the interfaces that ifconfig(1M)
 > > deals with?
 > Good point.
 > We've renamed them to have "datalink" in their names.
 > Jerry also pointed out that we should be more careful about terminology 
 > like "ifname" and "interface name" in the code, so we have done that as 
 > well. (Basically the general concept which corresponds to physical=bge0 
 > is something we call "network interface (name)". Those could be for 
 > shared-, or exclusive-IP zones. But when it comes to adding a datalink 
 > name for an exclusive IP zone we call the zone_add_datalink() syscall.)

Glad to hear this.  Consistent and correct use of these terms will be
increasingly important given upcoming technologies like datalink vanity
naming and VNICs (among others).

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