Bernard Biessy writes:
> I have a V890 server connected to 2 Sun StorEdge 3510 storages.
> My users ask me to increase the /sauvebase file-system and I have no space 
> left on 1 of my 2 3510, so I mirror d1002 soft partition on a new biggest 
> d1502 soft partiton on the other storage. 
> After that, I umount/remount the FS and it work fine except that I discover 
> that zone configuration has not be updated.
> So the question is : What is the good method to update the name of the 
> /sauvebase soft partition name in the zone configuration.

Assuming I understood the scenario, it's something like this:

        # zonecfg -z zy91
        zonecfg:zy91> select fs dir=/sauvebase
        zonecfg:zy91:fs> set special=/dev/md/dsk/d1502
        zonecfg:zy91:fs> set raw=/dev/md/rdsk/d1502
        zonecfg:zy91:fs> end
        zonecfg:zy91> verify
        zonecfg:zy91> commit
        zonecfg:zy91> exit

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