To mitigate barriers to adoption.

Which barriers to adoption?

You've also erected a new barrier to adoption (for those who prefer
CDDL over GPLv2 and find GPLv2 too restrictive)

I also completely fail to understand how a GPLv2 zone manager tool built on top of the CDDL licensed (for the source) zone tools in Solaris actually helps.

What I do see is that there is now a new barrier. There is now this tool under the GPLv2 and the original zones tools under a difference license than the tools it uses to do its job. I don't see how this actually helps anyone.

I also think that a change of license of anything hosted on opensolaris.org should be discussed on an appropriate opensolaris.org alias BEFORE a change like this is announced as having happened.

Given that the zonemgr project has zones-discuss@opensolaris.org as its discussion alias I would have expected to see at least discussion there. I've check the mail archives and see no mention of a licensing discussion involving the GPL and zonemgr. As a common courtesy never mind the possible legal implications of this.

Darren J Moffat
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