The short answer is no.

When a processor is transfered from one pset to another, no RCM event is
generated in the global zone, or in any non-global zones.  RCM events are only
generated when DR operations take place.

The rcm_daemon only runs in the global zone, as part of the sysevent:default

Currently, no events of any kind are generated when a processor is tranfered
from one pset to another.  pool_conf_update(3pool) can be used to detect
a change in a processor set.  pool_conf_update(3pool) is not a blocking
interface, so you need to call it periodically to detect a change.

-Steve L.

On Tue, Jan 23, 2007 at 01:42:08PM -0800, Gary Combs wrote:
> If a zone is bound to a resource pool with a processor set also bound 
> there and DRP is enabled, will the addition of a processor added to the 
> pset via DRP generate an insertion event via RCM? Would all zones bound 
> to the same pool see the RCM event? Would only the global zone see the 
> insert event?
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