Following a previous email sent to that list today, we are running zones on
Solaris U2 machines with the TSM client.
We are running it from the global zone.

Our current standard is to layout the zones as this:

<zone name="ldpz8012" zonepath="/zones/ldpz8012" autoboot="true"
 <network address="" physical="e1000g0"/>
 <filesystem special="/zones/virtual-filesystems/ldpz8012/var"
directory="/var" type="lofs">
   <fsoption name="logging"/>
 <filesystem special="/zones/virtual-filesystems/ldpz8012/opt-Sun-slapd-db"
directory="/opt/Sun/slapd-db" type="lofs">
   <fsoption name="logging"/>
 <filesystem special="/zones/virtual-filesystems/ldpz8012/wastmp"
directory="/wastmp" type="lofs">
   <fsoption name="logging"/>
 <filesystem special="/zones/virtual-filesystems/ldpz8012/home"
directory="/home" type="lofs">
   <fsoption name="logging"/>

Of course using a default TSM configuration would mean backuping twice all
the filesystems mounted thru lofs...

I was wondering what others were doing to avoid duplicating backups in such
a similar setup and what were the caveats that you noticed
excluding either the directories directly mounted into the zone root or
excluding each virtual filesystem.


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