I have not used zonemgr but I am quite sure this is not due to zonemgr
specifically.  If you are accessing the global zone through a
firewall, it is possible that the firewall is dropping your connection
due to inactivity.

You can try to play around with 'ClientAliveInterval' and
'ClientAliveCountMax' sshd parameters to have sshd send some data that
keeps the session alive.

Just me,
Wire ...

On 1/30/07, Manish Agrawal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I am trying to use zonemgr (thanks very much, awesome tool!!!) to create zones 
for my class (1 zone/ per student, to learn sysadmin basics). Problem is, every 
time I try to create a zone, the SSH session disconnects. Usually it 
disconnects during the file copying stage.

Is this a known issue? What is the solution? I have posted more detailed 
information here, before discovering this thread:


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