Wee Yeh is correct.  The zonemgr doesn't do anything that would cause
your ssh to the global zone to disconnect.  I test with ssh sessions 
to my global zone all the time and never encounter that problem.


On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 11:25 +0800, Wee Yeh Tan wrote:
> Manish,
> I have not used zonemgr but I am quite sure this is not due to zonemgr
> specifically.  If you are accessing the global zone through a
> firewall, it is possible that the firewall is dropping your connection
> due to inactivity.
> You can try to play around with 'ClientAliveInterval' and
> 'ClientAliveCountMax' sshd parameters to have sshd send some data that
> keeps the session alive.

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