Bill Quayle wrote:
I apologize if this has been discussed, as I am relatively new to this

I would like to create a network of containers under a single global zone.
Can I do this without hitting the physical network?

I envision the ability to create virtual routers and switches, allowing one
to create this network of Solaris and Linux zones within a single physical
box.  (This would provide a huge benefit to a transaction processing shop.)

Multiple containers can communicate with each other, without using the physical network for inter-container transport. All inter-container traffic stays in the IP stack.

Another example is a web server which sits in one container and uses the physical network, and an app server which only communicates with the web server, and perhaps with another container in which you run a DB server.

But if you would like something more sophisticated, e.g. packets come in from the network into one container where they are filtered, and some packets are forwarded/routed to other containers in the same system, you should be looking at Crossbow - .

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