The solution that worked for me is to copy /etc/nsswitch.conf and 
/etc/resolv.conf from the global zone. This should work as long as the DNS 
configuration for the non-global zones is the same as for the global zone:

zonemgr -a add -n $zonename -z "/export/home/zones" \
             -P "$rootpassword" -R "/root|/usr/bin/bash" \
             -I "$ipaddress|elxl0|25|$zonename" \
             -s "basic|lock" -S ssh \
             -C "/etc/nsswitch.conf" \
             -C "/etc/resolv.conf" \
             -C "/etc/ssh/sshd_config" &

Thanks to Brad for his extensive input on this. 

Now to find a way user accounts in the non-global zones.

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