I wanted to let everyone know about a small enhancement to
the zoneadm 'attach' command that we integrated yesterday.

Currently, before you attach a zone to a host, it must have
been detached from the original host.  The detach process
generates the information we need to validate the attach on
the new host.

If the original host dies, but the storage that the zone lives
on is still available (e.g. a SAN), then it would be nice to
be able to attach the zone to a new host.  We filed an RFE
for this a while back:

6414178 RFE: prepare in advance for zone migration

The problem with 'preparing in advance' is that the detach data must
be kept in sync as patches and pkgs are modified on the system.
This is pretty hard without modifying the patch and pkg commands or
doing some other ugly things.  However, all of the necessary data
needed to detach is actually available within the zone itself in
the various files maintained by the pkg and patch commands.

The enhancement we made allows the zoneadm 'attach' command
to use the data within the zone to generate the data that the 'detach'
command would have generated and then it continues in the normal
way to validate the zone attach.  It only does this when it sees
that the zone was not properly detached.

We still recommend that you follow the normal procedure of detaching
the zone before migrating it.  The new enhancement has more failure
modes than the standard procedure and it only works for native-branded
zones.  This enhancement was integrated into nevada b61 so it won't
be available in an SX build for a little while yet but I wanted to
let everyone know about it.

Let me know if there are any questions,
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