> Hi,
> The following article talks about Creating a Flash
> Archive of a Zoned System.
> http://opensolaris.org/os/community/zones/faq/flar_zon
> es/
> The conclusion states:
> A flash archive of a system with Solaris 10
> Containers can be created. In some cases one or more
> extra steps are required because the flash archive
> tools are not yet zone-aware. A future revision to
> Solaris will update the flash archive tools to make
> them aware of zones.
> Does anyone know which Solaris revision will have the
> flash archive tools update ?
> Thank you,
> -rich
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Rich did you ever get an answer as to when Solaris would ship with zone-aware 
flar tools ?? I am faced with the same issue, we use flash archive as a mean to 
do bare metal recovery and also server deployment.

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