Niclas Sodergard wrote:
Hi everyone,

Sorry for crossposting but it seems I have stumbled upon a problem
that affects both.  I have a V490 running Solaris 10u3 with a 16x750GB
raid array connected to it. I've created an 8TB zfs filesystem called
data1 and created a zfs filesystem called data1/zones mounted to
/zones. The structure looks like this
When I execute zoneadm -z mytest install I get the following error:

# zoneadm -z mytest install
zoneadm: /zones/mytest: Value too large for defined data type
could not verify zonepath /zones/mytest because of the above errors.
zoneadm: zone mytest failed to verify

While this doesn't help with your immediate issue, this is a known

6433526 zoneadm should use statvfs64

It was fixed in opensolaris in b44 and it is also fixed in S10u4, although
that is not available yet.

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