My customer is having problems installing patches to zones in Solaris 10 11/06 
on T2000.
He is not booting the zones prior which I have heard in the past eliminates 
issues b/c the wrapper does not have to do it.  I understand that and I told 
him that but it is not clear if the non-global zones need to be in single user 
mode when patched or just booted.  Please clarify and if possible review what I 
put together and make comments.  I could use this to create a doc and eliminate 
these questions from being asked.  Thanks in advance!!!

I emailed my customer this as this seems to help some of my customers but I 
need confirmation and docs need to be written since all tech urls and info docs 
miss answering this question directly.

Best way to apply the cluster for a system with patches is as follows:
Please note: As always we recommend init 0 and boot -s to apply patches  if the 
README requests single user appllication

1) downloaded recommended to /var/tmp chmod 777 on it then unzip
2) init 0
3) Ok> boot -s
4) make sure the that all entries in the /etc/mntab pertaining to local zones 
are available
# mountall
5) Boot the non-global zones
# zoneadm -z zone boot
Boot all zones manually
so global accessible prior to patch application
6) install the patch cluster to the global zone
# cd /var/tmp
# ./install_cluster

If there are any failure, please forward Sun the  /var/sadm/install_data/logs
Also, forward each log that pertains to the particular patch that failed under 
the download directory then patch number to figure

I also recommend with Solaris 10 to apply zone patches prior to an 
These zone patches to install first are:
120900-04, 121133-02, 121428-03, 120235-01, then the cluster, then 122660-07 .

To eliminate potential issues with zones and patchadd

Review it and let me know you have further questions and or concerns.


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