Hello folks, I have a question, here is a situation.

I did build a new server environment in one location (TX) and I have setup multiple zones and they are on a zfs. My goal is to take zone configuration with all zone content that is on zfs and duplicate it on into another server in NYC location. What woul dbe the simplest and easiest way to do that in your opinion?

SHould I just export zone configuration and then create it on that different server and then take zfs and send/receive over ssh to that other server? Only problem with doing this is that even that both servers are Solaris 10 U3 there might be slight differences in patch configuration... One server is V245 the other that i will be replicating to is V240 (Should be not much differences in that setup)

Anyway how does the zone detach / attach works? Never worked with this so I dont know and have no idea if that might or might not work, what do you think? Any hints how detach / attach works?

Thanks for any help.

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