I'm configuring Solaris 10 11/06 with multiple zones and trying to get
syslog logging to an external loghost.  I have nsswitch.conf set up in
the global and all zones to look in files, then dns. No NIS is configured.

I have the /etc/hosts entry for the external syslog host marked with "loghost."

In one of my zones, "syslog -d" tells me that it thinks it's loghost, but the
loghost line in /etc/hosts is clearly a different IP address.  It *will* log
to the external host if I specify the host explicitly in a rule in syslog.conf.

In my global zone, "syslog -d" doesn't think that it's loghost, and that
is correct given its /etc/host.  It won't, however, log to loghost via
"@loghost" in syslog.conf, but it will if I do so via the specific host name.

Any suggestions on how to try to debug this problem?
-I tried flushing name caches, and rebooted the system and the behavior stayed 
the same.
-The fact that explicitly specifying the log host in syslog.conf suggests that
 packets are flowing correctly; log messages are received at the loghost  when
 its host name is specified.
-I keep thinking that this must be a naming problem, but don't know where to
 look but at /etc/hosts and dns-- the dns server has no loghost defined.

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