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I have a question. Is there a way to "deport" running zone? Yeah I know what I am talking about... please read to see what I want to acomplish.

Ok, I have aproduction zone running. It is all set on zfs pool, so what I wanted to do is to duplicate my curent environment without actually bringing it down...

I did try to create a snap of my zone. I did then move it to a different system via zfs send/receive option. So I had file system all set and ready to go, but I was not able to import my zone since I did not have SUNWdetached.xml in there.

Is there any way to make a clone of a zone (since I have it on zfs) and then import it somehow on a different system?

I was even trying to recreate zone using config file, but when I got to the poit of setting it up on a partition it complaioned that already root directory exists in that path...


if you are using a recent build of Nevada (> 48-ish) you can create SUNWdefault.xml by performing a dry-run detach of your zone. This does not require the zone to be stopped and it will output the manifest to stdout. Save this output as SUNWdetached.xml in your new zonepath and create and attach the zone there. So something like this should do the trick:

(src) # zoneadm -z myzone detach -n > /tmp/SUNWdetached.xml
(src) # scp /tmp/SUNWdetached.xml [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/zones/myzone
(target) # zonecfg -z myzone create -a /zones/myzone
(target) # zoneadm -z myzone attach
(target) # zoneadm -z myzone boot

(assuming that your new zone's zonepath is at /zones/myzone).

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