Yeah, I discovered the workaround this morning as my second post shows.
The confirmation that I'm not just doing something dumb is nice, though.
:)  Strangely, my previous googling didn't find the bug but a search
using the text you provided did. Also, I realized that doing "zonecfg -z
myzone 'remove fs dir=/blah'" works just as easily, too.



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Justin Lloyd wrote:
> I'm having the following problem when trying to remove multiple
filesystems at once. I can "remove fs" once but when I try to remove a
second filesystem in the same session, I get a "No such resource with
that id" message, as shown below. I've removed four other filesystems
from the output of zonecfg info for clarity. Rebooting the zone does
remove the first removed filesystem and I can then do one more. So in
this case I have five filesystems to delete, requiring five reboots! Any
idea why this is occurring?

It sounds like you are hitting:

6310003 cannot remove multiple fs resources in one zonecfg instance

It doesn't look like this fix has been backported to S10 yet.  You
shouldn't have to reboot the zone though, just exit zonecfg and run it
again to remove the next fs.

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