I need assistance answering & help my customer with his zones questions!
Meantime I sent him infodoc 71582 to get him started!
thanks in advance for your help.


Customer wrote:

We are looking to setup 2 Oracle databases, one for OLTP and one for OLAP.

In the past, we had always allocated 2 different servers, as a
recommendation from Oracle.  We are now trying to see if it makes sense
for us to get 1 server, say a v490 with 4 Dual Core processors with 16 Gb
of RAM, to house these 2 databases.
With zones, I know that we can setup different root disks, as I had done
during training.

Q1.Can we split up the processors, say 0 and 2 to one zone, and 1 and 3 to
   another zone?

Q2.If we were to have 2 HBAs on the server, can we allocate 1 HBA to 1 zone
   and the other to the second zone?

Q3.As far as networking, would it be possible to allocate 2 ports off a Quad
   network card to 1 zone, and the other 2 ports to another zone?  Or would
   we be better off with single or dual port cards that can be allocated to
   different zones?

Q4.With zones, would it make sense for us to setup 1 master and 2 'clients',
   where each one of the clients support each database?

Q5.What would be the limitations of using zones to house these 2 databases.
   One downfall would be if there is a hardware problem, then all
   zones/databases would be out until the hardware issues was resolved.

Q6.Are there any other types of issues with zones?

Q7.As far as best practices, are other users use zoning to support different

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