DJR wrote:
what would be the proper way to deal with /usr on my zone?

What problem are you experiencing?  What goal do you have?

The reason I ask is, since by default it is in r/o on the zone. Should I
make it uninheritable? what will this do for me?

I see in the man on zonecfg, in the example, they created a lofs, from
/usr/local on the global zone to /opt/local on the zone side, is this the
proper way to deal with the situation.

The example in the man page gives the non-global zone access to the global zone's directory /opt/local, and makes it accessible to /usr/local, when viewed from within the non-global zone. The example specified read-only access. It sounds like you don't want that.

Is there any really good docs on the best practice installations?


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