I installed my zones, in a sparse zone format.

question is, is there a way to NOT use /usr/local from the global zone
and use a local copy or start with a clean /usr/local on the zone
besides in a whole root format where it copies the global over to the
zone. I do not want to rebuild the zone if possible, is there any way
around this.

Yes, assuming there is already a /usr/local directory (empty or
otherwise) under the global zone's /usr, the following steps can be
used from within the non-global zone:

        myzone# df -h /
        Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
        /                       37G   178M    36G     1%    /
        myzone# mkdir /local
        myzone# mount -F lofs /local /usr/local

To make the file system persistent, add the appropriate entry to the
zone's /etc/vfstab file

        /usr/local      -       /local          lofs    -       yes     -

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