DJR wrote:
I installed my zones, in a sparse zone format.

question is, is there a way to NOT use /usr/local from the global zone and
use a local copy or start with a clean /usr/local on the zone besides in a
whole root format where it copies the global over to the zone. I do not want
to rebuild the zone if possible, is there any way around this.

A way that worked for me is to "escape" the /usr directory using a symbolic 

1) In the global zone, move /usr/local to /_usr_local (or any other directory in a file system that is not mounted read only in one of the local zones)
$ mv /usr/local /_usr_local

2) In the global zone, create a symbolic link that points from /usr/local to the new location:
$ ln -s /_usr_local /usr/local
$ ls -ld /usr/local
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root          11 May  4 08:10 /usr/local -> /_usr_local

3) In the global zone, create a directory <zonepath>/root/_usr_local for each local zone . As each local zone's /usr is a read only copy of the /usr tree of the global zone, its file /usr/local is a link to a (writable) directory outside of that file system in that zone.




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